Happy room project
Happy Room 志工服务

With the increasing medical expenses for seriously illpatients, some of the poor families can no longer send their sick loved ones tothe hospital. While some patients chose to stay at home while under medicationor waiting for their pains to finally be over. This year, CPG is privileged towork with the Ruth Foundation to make a Happy Room for the patients staying attheir home. The project run for 5 Saturdays from June to July. With theincredible teamwork of Ruth Foundation team and CPG volunteers, we were able toprovide a better room for 10 patients in Muntinlupa, Laguna, and ParanaqueCity. 

Happy room aimed to provide a better environment for thepatients by repairing, painting, cleaning, and arranging their room with newbeddings. Seeing the smile and satisfaction of our patients after renovatingtheir rooms eased away the pains form the tired hands and feet of thevolunteers. Hearing the say “thank you” is worth the fatigue after everyrenovation.

Released time 2018-08-15