Hospice and palliative care lecture
Happy room 老人关怀讲座

As the society is ageing so fast and the number of sickpeople rises, it is important to know more about care giving and having empathyfor the ill. In this matter, CPG invited The Ruth Foundation for a Hospice andPalliative Lecture last May 23, 2018. In this seminar, Dr. Mae Corvera taughtus the relevance of providing support for the terminally ill patients andend-of-life care. At some point when cure is no longer possible for thepatient, or the patient chose not to undergo certain treatment, Hospice care isdesigned for this. Regardless of age, the foundation opened their door forthose who are in need of care whether that illness is curable, chronic, or lifethreatening. 

With this advocacy, together with The Ruth Foundation, CPGwas inspired to share care and joy for the patients and their family bycreating the Happy Room. This simple act of kindness was participated by CPGvolunteers whose hearts are dedicated to support the project.

Released time 2018-08-16