Hope project

Story behind school

Pabanlag Elementary School is locatedat the town of Floridablanca in the province of Pampanga. This simple ruralarea is located 100 kilometers away from Manila and was one of the affectedareas by Mt. Pinatubo eruption in June 1991 where lahar and mixtures ofvolcanic materials destroyed the town.

After 17 years, the residentscontinued their lives rebuilding their houses and their town. This time, thestruggle for Floridablanca citizens is that the weather is almost summer eachyear, thus CPG decided to donate a covered activity area to one of the primaryschools in Floridablanca.  


The gift from CPG hope project

CPG hopes to share its blessings tothe young generations of this country by using its own resources to uplift theliving of the deprived community.

  • A multi-purpose area for all

Provide a comfortable multifunctionarea for community gathering, school events, and sports facility by building aCovered Basketball court inside Pabanlag Elementary School.

  • Job opportunity

Thru this project, we were able toprovide a short time job opportunity to some of the local residents during theconstruction of the court.

  • Motivate and enhance competitiveness

With the better activity area, thestudents will be motivated to participate in some of the school’s indoor sportsactivities. This will also shield them against the scorching heat of the sunduring their events.

  • Bond with CPG employees

We hope to be in constantcommunication with the school and see how the children are progressing in theirstudies. We plan that we’ll be able to invite them here in Manila to celebrateChristmas together.

Released time 2018-08-16