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The blockchain application results exhibition was held in Manila

The blockchainapplication results exhibition was held in Manila, the capital of thePhilippines. More than 30 blockchain industry-related companies from SoutheastAsia and China participated in the exhibition and offer a fruitful Blockchainapplication results and experience.

Atthe exhibition, blockchain industry-related companies from the Philippines,Singapore, Thailand, China and other companies exhibited their own blockchainapplication results, including distributed storage, cross-border payment,traceability, insurance claims automation, content social, internet of things,e-commerce and part of the company has intention to collaborate. 

Blockchaincombines several computer technologies including distributed data storage,point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithms.  Advantages of blockcahin includes openness,autonomy, tamper resistance of information, and anonymity.

InApril this year, the Philippine government approves blockchain industry-relatedcompanies for the first time in the Philippines. The first 15 blockchain andfinancial technology companies that entered the Cagayan Special Economic Zone arefrom Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.

Lawyer RaulLambino, CEZA administrator and chief executive officer, said at the exhibitionthat Special Economic Zone is vigorously promoting infrastructure constructionto attract more emerging technology companies.