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Blockchain game ushered in great success

At present, theblockchain technology has experienced the underlying application of Bitcoin. Inthe 3.0 era of blockchain, the value of blockchain will far exceed the economicfields of currency, payment and finance. It will use its advantages to reshapeall aspects of human society. The blockchain will become an infrastructure forvarious industries and human daily life applications, and will form a completeecosystem based on blockchain technology, which will change people’s lifestylesextensively and profoundly.

All industriesare different, however blockchain based projects has larger customer based.  

Currently, thereare many blockchain game projects which we are familiar with like FOMO3D、Crypto Kitties、EtherGoo、Fishbank、Etheremon、God Unchained、PetsChain、PolyPony、MonkeyPlus andetc. are developed using blockchain technology, the use of new technologybreaks the centralized model, making all transactions transparent which will benefitthe player. Therefore, it attracts a large number of users once launched. 

The game industry has theirown users, due to the intervention of blockchaintechnology, some people have raised their own doubts indicating that the newblockchain game has no plot compared to the traditional game. Yes, this is alsowhich need to be slowly improved while combining blockchain technology togetherwith game field. We believe that both traditional games and blockchain gameswill be able to shake up and becomea booming business. 

Of course, inaddition to the main components of games and users in the game industry, themarket, game developers, and player transactions are also very important. Ifthe market is chaotic and the game developers are changing the rules of thegame, the players’ secondary market transactions will be blackout. Will therebe interest and confidence in the entire game field? I think the answer must beno.

Eventhough blockchain technology will evolve over the coming years, it still taketime for these changes, the game industry are not the intervention of smallnumber of emerging forces and they can undergo earth-shaking changes. Therewill be qualitative changes,only when accumulated to acertain extent, what we should be grateful of is cloud gaming platform has always been concerned aboutthe pain points of the entire game industry. Considering the complexity of thenumber of users and the amount of data, the new game blockchain application system with goodexpansion performance has been introduced.

In short,problems that can be overcome and improved through efforts are not problems.The combination of blockchain and game field, if not baptized by technology andpolished by time, its success will not be so precious and meaningful, so, thinkof seeing the final blueprint in the game field, we must have enough patienceand confidence!