Treasury Specialist
Finance/AccountingLocation:MakatiHiring: 1Experiences: 1 years
1. Banking operations; 2. Accounting report preparation; 4. Basic statistical tables need to be made; 5. Treat the work content rigorously, analyze and judge relative to each other, and report to the superior on a regular basis; 6. Promote team growth; 7. Follow up the tasks and tasks assigned by superiors.
1. College degree or above in accounting/finance related departments, with more than 1 year of financial experience; 2. Work is meticulous and rigorous, with strong work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility; 3. Familiar with the operation of office such as Excel spreadsheets; 4. Good at communication and coordination, have a good team spirit; 5. Sensitive to numbers and stable personality; 6. Have an accounting background or financial experience better.
Treasury Specialist